Self Portrait My work explores the processes of deconstruction and assemblage, informed by my experience as a graphic designer. Using a series of expressive and uninhibited paint, collage and texture applications, I create a loose and abstract structure upon which to assemble detailed ink drawings. I selectively interpret and rework different layers until they are harmoniously integrated.

This is the most satisfying component of my work – manipulating various materials and layers until they reach that special moment of completion that balances expression, representation, abstraction and detail.

I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Mount Allison University in 2008. My years of study in the small, cultural town of Sackville, New Brunswick is where I began to combine drawing and painting techniques to discover my own unique style. In 2010 I relocated to Vancouver to develop my studio practice in a new creative environment.

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All my line work is done with a STAEDTLER Lumocolor black permanent marker. The markers are made in Germany and after experimenting with various pens and markers, I find them to be the best for my drawing technique.